Sri Laxmi Narayan Mandir

Appeal to the people of Tampa Bay from Sreeni Challa

(Founder Member of Ambaji Mandir and Sri Laxmi Narayan Mandir organizations)



I wrote this blog for the following reasons:

-          It is likely that Omdutt Acharya may suddenly vanish after borrowing large sums of money against Real Estate assets of both Ambaji Mandir and Laxmi Narayan Mandir which he will entrust to Umesh Chatur Patel (he mentioned to me recently that I can fight in court after he disappears)

-          I heard from Omdutt Acharya himself that he has paperwork for another identity (possibly fake), and it is likely that nobody, other than possibly Umesh Chatur Patel, has those details

-          What happened to me should not happen to you or anyone else

-          Acting President Omdutt Acharya of both Ambaji Mandir and Sri Laxmi Narayan Mandir came into that position without verified due process

-          I want to set the record straight for the public who are misled by Omdutt Acharya, Umesh Chatur Patel and other board members

-          A cease and desist letter to Omdutt Acharya is being sent by my attorney’s office to prevent him from using my name in any *NEW* organization going forward, but the legal process is taking a while

-          I am also working on filing lawsuit against Omdutt Acharya in both India (for Ayurveda income fraud – see below for details) and USA

-          I had given Omdutt Acharya Power of Attorney and I am trying to revoke that before he could misuse it: please, let me know if you had entered into any contract with Omdutt Acharya based on my Power of Attorney

-          I would be calling for a meeting of members of both temples’ boards at an attorney’s office, so, the presence and voting choice can be recorded - my name is taken out of Laxmi Narayan Mandir, Ambaji Mandir and Hindu Sabha of America without any due process

-          Omdutt Acharya is a Tantrik Mayavi in my perspective:

o   I have completely renounced Omdutt Acharya as my Guru and accepted a close-to-90-years-old Saint from Tamil Nadu (and, no, I am not from Tamil Nadu) as my Guru – he will remain anonymous at his request. This Saint’s focus is only Tapasya and Yagnya – unlike Omdutt Acharya, who is interested in money, he never did selling / promoting of Ayurveda products going to different places and then hide income. This Saint has confirmed that several types of methods were used against me by some people – and, he refused to be involved in any speculation who they were. He did not want to be involved in these disputes and recommended that I do Sadhana of Sri Maha Vishnu and Mahlakshmi for improving confidence and to gain protective shield. This elderly-saint from Tamil Nadu is not any of the well known Gurus such as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar or Nityananda. This saint lived a simple married life as a teacher in the first part of his life until 40s - took permission from his wife and children to become a Sanyasi in the later part of his life. He advocates normal family life for people like me - and, said that I will not be successful in life unless my family is happy which is the opposite of what I was told last 10+ years.

o   I was told that the Tantra Attacks and Negative Forces that were used against me took my mind / conscience to the level of Stage 4 Cancer Patient while appearing outwardly normal – I needed to do several Yagnyas for cleansing and strengthening myself (it is Vishnu Sahasranam that helped me immensely – it gives wisdom and if you chant it regularly at least 1-5 times a day, it will confer immense wisdom on anyone)

o   Omdutt Acharya used to say quite often – Bahaduri ki Kaam hai Chup ke dushman ko Maarna, but, I didn’t realize that he treated me as Dushman all along

o   I firmly believe that Omdutt Acharya, Umesh Chatur Patel, Foja Singh (Omdutt’s henchman from India) – along with others under Omdutt’s orders – are the ones that used Tantric method to hurt me and my family – Omdutt Acharya’s own brother sent me messages stating that his brother is spending time with black-robed Tantrik people for controlling people and other negative things.

o   Ambaji Mandir and Laxmi Narayan Mandir are what Omdutt Acharya shows to public – but, Omdutt Acharya does a lot of other things behind the scenes

What you can do to avoid this for yourself:

-          Chant Vishnu Sahasranam, for wisdom, regularly, if possible, after Gayatri Mantra

o   Omdutt Acharya told me that I must not chant Vishnu Sahasranam, and focus only on Om Namah Shivaya – now I realized that it makes one become Bhola Shankar who always gets cheated and easily forgives even after getting cheated

o   Do NOT trust Omdutt Acharya or Umesh Chatur Patel or any other board members until legal dispute is resolved – for the record, Gyanesh Mathur (Chairman of Sri Laxmi Narayan Mandir did NOT want to be involved at all in this legal dispute and completely distanced himself by resigning – he also requested that his name not be used at all going forward)

-          Never trust Kashaaya Vastradhaari that asks you to leave your family to serve him and build business for him (one can do good to society while having a family)

Background of Who I am:

-          I met Omdutt Acharya – also known as Maharishi Om – in 2008 and from then on, I followed him as a disciple until 2018

-          Within this period of 2008 thru 2018, I have spent close to $2 million keeping very little to myself - and, I have very little savings cushion at this point in my life - I also followed every order from Omdutt Acharya by treating him as my Guru

What I am asking - from members of both Temples’ Boards and Hindu Sabha of America:

1.       Separate Real Estate Asset ownership from the actual operations of Temples

2.       Remove names of Omdutt Acharya, Umesh Chatur Patel and Purva Patel from the active ownership of both of these Temples and Hindu Sabha of America (they can be involved as volunteers, but, never as any asset owners in any capacity)

3.       Temple Operations can be carried out and donation income can be controlled by management committees with gentlemen like Manubhai Patel or Dr. Anil Gulati

4.       Temple Operation can and should be carried out by a separate not-for-profit entity that can pay any reasonable rent to the Real-Estate Asset owning organization that it can afford to give based on expenses

5.       Temple Operations can continue to be for and by Gujarati people since Omdutt created a concern in Gujarati people that I, as a South Indian, am not pro-Gujarati (even though last 11 years of track record shows otherwise):

a.       After taking $2 million from me, Omdutt Acharya instigated the Gujarati Community members that I intend to take this away from them (but, nobody in the world can stop a community from visiting temple – I have supported Gujarati people for last 11 years)

b.       Omdutt Acharya is an expert at Divide and Rule strategy of British – it is likely that he and Umesh Chatur Patel trained UK Colonists in previous births on how to create friction where none exists

c.       My chief friction is with Omdutt Acharya, Umesh Chatur Patel and Purva Patel who took my name out of every account while projecting fake affection in public

d.       Omdutt Acharya asked Purva Patel to send an e-mail stating that she will place a “RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST ME” when visiting temples – this is his devious attitude and it is to prevent me from speaking to public about fraud being done against me

Approximate Chronology of events:

-          When I originally met Omdutt Acharya, he asked me to leave my wife and family – and, be focused on serving him as a dedicated follower and I, of course, could not immediately do that; he then asked me to send the family to India and I did that for 7 years

-          He asked me to close all our family retirement accounts and give him the money: at which point I gave him close to $450,000 after paying taxes for closing out retirement accounts early on (2008-2009 time-frame)

-          He then made me foreclose on my home at Chicago where I owed about $400,000 or so

-          Omdutt Acharya always assured me that everything I am buying is something that I will have control over until he took my name out of Hindu Sabha of America without even informing me - he

-          Hindu Sabha of America:

o   Records will establish that I have transferred about $450,000 in 2008 – our life savings

o   Subsequently I have transferred an additional $250,000 or so in 2012 – my income from Tech Ambani at that time (bought and paid for 10830 Navajo Dr, 33708 with it using all cash purchase)

-          Businesses:

o   I ran Shreem InfoTech under the ownership of Omdutt Acharya from 2008 to 2017 and Omdutt Acharya did not have to lift even a finger – total revenue close $850,000

o   I ran Tech Ambani LLC as joint member and gave most of the income to Omdutt Acharya – it is from this business that I generated more than $300,000 in one year with which I bought 10830 Navajo St; Omdutt Acharya sold this without my involvement and paid off the loans for Ambaji Mandir; He then did private financing of all rea-estate assets to take money for himself under his control; This was done after my name was taken out of Hindu Sabha of America board

-          Ambaji Mandir:

o   He then asked me to buy a temple at Pinellas Park using the funds I deposited into Hindu Sabha of America: my funds were used in entirety to buy Ambaji Mandir building (10991 58th Street N, Pinellas Park, FL

o   Seller insisted on having me buy the property as an individual and Omdutt Acharya then asked me to sign Quit Claim deed over the property to Hindu Sabha of America after closing at Title Company

o   My name is shown in Pinellas County records for Quit Claim Deeds

o   When the property 10910 58th Street, Pinellas Park, FL came for sale; Omdutt Acharya asked me to buy it with the funds we have and because we didn’t have sufficient funds, I bought it this time by bringing an additional $60,000 from my personal income – this property was also given over to Hindu Sabha of America

o   Omdutt Acharya has indicated to Purva Patel, one of the visiting devotees at that time, that he can help her get the two properties if she helps with the financing of properties: she was able to get special loan terms, which allowed her to be able to foreclose and possess the properties in the event of non-payment, by working closely with Synovus Bank Mortgage Officer – please, note that the special verbiage for a guarantor that was put in Loan Documents was something out of ordinary and I was not aware that these were put in thru the guidance of Omdutt

-          Seva Inc:

o   I bought property 10830 Navajo Dr, St. Petersburg FL 33708 in 2012 paying for the property in entirety using my own income

o   Pinellas County records will establish that I paid for the property and transferred the deed over to Hindu Sabha of America (another quit-claim deed)

o   This property was used for Seva Inc Not-For-Profit and it was sold subsequently by Hindu Sabha of America without any involvement of mine (I could not get to sign any of the paperwork or be involved in approving anything – the proceeds from this sale were used to pay off Ambaji Mandir Loans in 2018)

-          Sri Laxmi Narayan Mandir:

o   Omdutt Acharya asked me to look for a good property and I found this as foreclosure sale by the Hillsborough County

o   I bought the property using funds financed from the sale of properties of Ambaji Mandir (10910 58th Street N, Pinellas Park and 10991 58th Street, Pinellas Park) and putting in earnest money from my own income (about $20,000)

o   At the time, Omdutt Acharya mentioned that it was my Tapasya / Punya-Karma that allowed me to get Laxmi Narayan Mandir property at a great price in Real Estate Auction

o   Omdutt Acharya then asked me multiple times to build a hotel, for Umesh Chatur Patel managing and getting at least 10% of annual revenue, on the Laxmi Narayan Mandir premises and he said he will try to make Laxmi Narayan Mandir famous overnight with some Tantra – seems this is Mannat of Umesh Chatur Patel with Omdutt Acharya

o   I wanted this property sold out to someone else and move Laxmi Narayan to India rather than use Tantra at the temple to bring large number of devotees, however, I am okay with leaving the temple as is at this point and let there be no concern from anybody that the temple will be moved to India – I wrote below (Strategy of Omdutt Acharya) about another strategy of combining Ayurveda with Devotion

o   Omdutt Acharya and Umesh Chatur Patel want to build overnight an organization as big as BAPS or other Swami Narayan groups

-          Ayurveda (Maharishi Kayakalp Ayurveda, Ambani Pharma and other related companies) and India fraud:

o   I gave Omdutt Acharya more than Rs. 2.5 crores over a period of 10 years selling most of my real-estate assets in India (Indian banking records will establish my own deposit and transfer history – these are to be used during the India Lawsuit process)

o   Early in 2008 – 2009 time period, I gave him Rs. 28 lakhs which he said was stolen by someone at an Ashram, but it looks like he bought some real estate in his name (he never gave me details of the investment)

o   Omdutt Acharya always informed me that Ayurveda business is running consistently at a loss, but sold Ayurveda Products on his own (while giving instructions to employees at the Ayurveda facilities to NOT let me know of his whereabouts) and deposited the cash-proceeds in his own individual accounts, rather than business, distributed in different states

o   He also transferred close to $300,000 from Hindu Sabha of America to India and bought Rs. 2+ crore single family home close to Delhi – held under his own name – which he is using for running Ayurveda business

-          Omdutt Acharya, Umesh Chatur Patel seem to have borrowed money against both temples’ assets “supposedly” to buy a Temple facility at Charlotte – I was not involved in this process and I am not sure what he did and where he went

-          Omdutt Acharya and Umesh Chatur Patel use Tantra on hard-working people like me: what I gave is savings of my family for 25+ years (in this regard, Purva Patel at least does do honest work to earn money in an honest fashion)


Strategy of Omdutt Acharya which I oppose:

·         Omdutt Acharya wants to do some tantric magic at either Ambaji Mandir or Sri Laxmi Narayan Mandir and stage a show which will make people feel faith for divine presence at either of these facilities

·         When I asked Omdutt Acharya that he and Umesh Chatur Patel should not have removed my name from paperwork, he said I should say this in front of Murthy at Ambaji Mandir on Ashtami Day with maximum crowd and he will stage a show as if some Shakti is punishing him and Umesh – this magic show will cause several Gujarati people to come and donate to temple (this is a strategy of Omdutt and Umesh to make Ambaji Mandir as big as BAPS Akshardhaam overnight)

·         Then instill faith in the temples to have more people visit and donate to the temples around which other peripheral money making organizations can be built by him (Ayurveda is only one example of that) – he mentioned to me that Gujarati people have Andh Viswaas and he wants to take advantage of that (since he wants to take advantage of faith of Gujarati people, he put more of them in the committee)

·         Use the faith and more visitors coming to temple to combine with Ayurveda – he wanted to conduct high priced Ayurveda Healing workshops where he said the actual healing will happen only through Ayurveda foods which will be served to visitors, but he will lead visitors to believe that the healing happened because of divine; most people will pay more for such workshops because they do not know what is really happening and attribute healing to some magic rather than actual herbal supplements

·         If divine has power, divine should have stopped such Bad Karma by people like Omdutt Acharya – Omdutt Acharya does it to create visibility and then create a magic show which ultimately results in profit for those who cheat – my view: live life in a straightforward fashion (Sarala / Aklishta Karma)

·         He does Annual Filings with Florida state without letting people know – Gyanesh Mathur resigned and asked that his name be removed



·         I have registered and paid for more than 150 domains over 11 years – more than $20,000 went out of my pocket and Omdutt Acharya, along with Umesh Chatur Patel, took control of those domains (for taking user info, they used Bagalamukhi Tantra on me)

·         Domain he first said I can have that to build my business then said that he will take that back after I invest time to build the business on to give to Umesh Chatur Patel and Purva Patel (the same way he is acting as a stooge at the two temples for the two of them); I am more than happy to give this domain to him once he hands over my domains


Maharishi Om acts as proxy for Umesh Chatur Patel and fulfills his desires – based on past instructions of Maharishi Om, here are the things that I did for Umesh Chatur Patel:

-          Paid for Diamond Evaluation training and his stay at Antwerp so he can become an expert

-          Offered to invest to kick-start Diamond Business as well by paying salary for stay of multiple months at Surat

-          Gave him money for stock trading which he did under Omdutt Acharya’s account (he lost it all)

-          Gave him an IT job for a few months and paid him salary along with helping for on-the-job training

-          In all, I have given him $25,000+, for which he did not even have any gratitude, and it was he who took my name out of Hindu Sabha of America in 2018 along with taking over the 150+ domains from me


Omdutt Acharya - Faking Truth:

·         During the last few months I found out that he lies and fakes pain multiple times for different purpose:

o   Once Omdutt Acharya said, he is in leg-pain which does not move at all and he then asked me to do Shiva Abhishek on Kartik Punam for his sake – once I did the Abhishek and gave the water to him, I found out thru other visitors that he was always walking just fine and never had any problem in the first place (Shiva Abhishek lets him steal punya of someone that does it for him)

o   Once Omdutt Acharya called stating that he fell-down in bathroom and leg bone is broken – hours later the Ashram Sevak who did the massage for his whole body said there is NO swelling anywhere and he is walking fine

o   Another time Omdutt Acharya called me in India stating that he did not have any money in his hand and everything is going into loss – I found out days later that this person is receiving Ayurveda products income in his personal accounts and not letting anything go to business that I invested in and he still wanted me to send more money to him

o   At another time, Omdutt Acharya told me that he is observing fast to help me out – I found out from a Pandit ji who was close to him at that time that he was eating roti and rice like a normal person (he refused to say this openly because he is scared of consequences)

o   Once Omdutt Acharya asked me to find and get Lotus Flowers for Mahalakshmi Puja – leading me to believe that it is for me; found out later that he conducted it with Umesh Chatur Patel or someone else not involving me at all

o   When Dr. Kiran Patel was invited, by Manubhai Patel and Omdutt Acharya along with others, to open Laxmi Narayan Mandir, Omdutt Acharya asked me pointedly to not be visible anywhere in public and focus on meditation – this is to hide real nature of my involvement

o   He did eat Onion (प्याज) and Garlic (लहसुन) at our home and elsewhere more than once - he asked me to not reveal that in public and I am not sure why that is a taboo

o   The above are only a few instances of the games he played and I am sure there are numerous other instances that I do NOT even KNOW about

·         Omdutt Acharya’s favorite people get instructions from him – which they follow to the letter – to attack me and are spreading false rumors about me: especially Umesh Chatur Patel and Purva Patel possibly Nagarajan Kannan and Subramanian Ayyappan as unwitting accomplices


Omdutt Acharya - Tantra:

·         Omdutt Acharya and others that he pays use various Tantra and Black Magic methods to make sure that I do not have friendly relationships with family and friends – he then talks to me saying he is the only one that can help

·         Omdutt Acharya’s own brother informed me that Omdutt Acharya is going around with Tantrik people

·         Contacts of these people and the methods are taught to Umesh Chatur Patel

·         According to Omdutt Acharya (which he mentioned himself – I am not sure of the details since Omdutt Acharya is the only one that knows those details):

o   Umesh Chatur Patel usually asks employers for their date-of-birth information wherever he joins for employment – he then tracks their bad times and attacks them secretly taking control of things that belong to employers

o   Umesh Chatur Patel has negatively affected three employers in the past using these methods – Umesh Chatur Patel mentioned that he does it because he feels that he is selected by Divine to punish individuals

o   Having hurt people, Umesh Chatur Patel attempts to spend time with Ambaji praying to her for protection

An example of manipulation by Omdutt with Himmatlal Parekh:

Prior to one evening meeting with Himmatlal Parekh bhai about keys for Laxmi Narayan Mandir (happened in 2014-2015):

·         Omdutt Acharya came and asked to take the keys back

·         Came again in 10 mins and asked to NOT ask the keys back

·         Came again in another 10 mins and asked to take the keys back

When finally Himmatlal Parekh came to see me - I have asked for Laxmi Narayan Mandir keys back; Omdutt Acharya looks at me and says you are asking for the keys back despite me saying not to ask for the keys - he used Bagalamukhi Tantra at the same time, so, I cannot speak to explain myself. I know that similar manipulations were done with Dr. Harish Patel as well without Dr. Harish Patel ever knowing.

Omdutt Acharya, Purva Patel and Umesh Chatur Patel are masters of tantra, cheating and deceit. I am really awed by their intelligence in taking control of organizations after making me invest my family's life savings and time of 25 years - Omdutt made me believe that it is my organizations that I am helping build, but nothing was ever in my control. I would not have given a penny for anything that Omdutt Acharya said IF I had seen him as a crafty politician rather than as a Saffron Robed Guru; my perspective which I mentioned at Laxmi Narayan Mandir is that wearing “Saffron Robes” allow one to cheat several people of Hindu Origin

My Name removed from Hindu Sabha of America and Bank Accounts access for Ambaji Mandir and Laxmi Narayan Mandir:

It looks like he and Umesh Chatur Patel have borrowed large amounts of money against real-estate assets of two Temples Ambaji Mandir and Sri Laxmi Narayan Mandir. I was not only removed from my role as President without any meetings – my name was removed from banking accounts online access as well in the last 2-3 months. They have done so because I opposed building of a hotel for them.

This is to make you all aware of fraud being perpetrated against me by Omdutt Acharya – also known as Maharishi Om – and Umesh Chatur Patel (de facto Secretary in all of Omdutt’s Organizations) along with active support from Purva Patel and other board members who are not completely aware – Gyanesh Mathur has already resigned from Sri Laxmi Narayan Mandir. I am left with no option, but to actively appeal to all of you to prevail upon the board members for justice. I am working through the legal options – which are all expensive and time-consuming.

My attorneys are in the process of serving a Cease and Desist Letter against Omdutt Acharya and other board members of three organizations - Ambaji Mandir, Sri Laxmi Narayan Mandir and Hindu Sabha of America (Illinois based organization) – to prevent them from using my name or any of my family members’ names in any new organizations. Omdutt Acharya is trying to make it appear to public that everything is normal amongst all members of not-for-profit temples, but it is not.

I, Sreeni Challa, neither trust nor respect Omdutt Acharya, Umesh Chatur Patel or Purva Patel. They are all working together to spread rumors against me to malign my name and my family’s name in order to prevent speedy resolution of the actual dispute itself. Omdutt Acharya – acting as Maharishi Om – is really a master of deceit.

I have completely renounced Omdutt Acharya as my Guru and accepted a close-to-90-years-old Saint from Tamil Nadu (and, no, I am not from Tamil Nadu) – he will remain nameless at his request. This Saint’s focus is only Tapasya and Yagnya – unlike Omdutt Acharya, he never did selling / promoting of Ayurveda products going to different places. This Saint has confirmed that several types of methods were used against me by some people – and, he refused to be involved in any speculation who they were. I firmly believe that Omdutt Acharya, Umesh Chatur Patel, Foja Singh (Omdutt’s henchman from India) and Purva Patel are the ones that used Tantric method to hurt me and my family. He did not want to be involved in these disputes and recommended that I do Sadhana of Sri Maha Vishnu and Mahlakshmi for improving confidence and to gain protective shield. Worshipping Ambaji makes one very ineffective and impractical in the real world because Ambaji makes one abandon the nature of reality by drawing awareness inwards and upwards – for Moksha. Both Maha Vishnu and Mahalakshmi draw awareness outwards and downwards while giving confidence to act in the real world – Lord Sri Rama and Lord Krishna both are forms of Vishnu and Kaali.

Omdutt Acharya mentioned more than once to Umesh Chatur Patel that he will forcibly make Sreeni Challa a Sanyasi and handover Sreenivas’s income and wealth for control by Omdutt Acharya and Umesh Chatur Patel – and, run away to disappear, so, nobody can find him

Maharishi Om threatened me saying that he will file fake lawsuits against me, so, I will never get Consulting Projects again – an example of biting the hand that fed him over a period of 11 years. His tone was of course completely different when I kept doing what he asked me to do. His mind had been badly vitiated because of wanting to fulfill desires of Umesh Chatur Patel and others who do not want to work hard to earn money – but, want to use my hard-earned money as theirs.